Saturday, September 8, 2012

LCHF picnic

Spring is here in the Southern Hemisphere!!! I love to head for the beaches this time of year, and pack lots of goodies for a picnic. Living in the Brisbane-area I'm so lucky to have all the wonderful beaches in Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast within day trip-distance, so I'm planning for lots of nice picnics this season :-D

Here are some tips for what to pack for a LCHF picnic:

- Different cheeses
- Olives
- Cherry tomatoes
- Cauliflower
- Celery
- Carrots (depending on your "carb-budget)
- Strawberries
- Salami
- Ham
- Chicken-wings
- Dips (make your owns, or choose some that are low in sugar)
- LCHF almond sesame crackers, see the recipe below

My friend who doesn't eat LCHF had brought some fruit as well (in case you were wondering what the bananas are doing in a post about low carb picnic-suggestions)


  1. The banana...was the first thing I noticed, before I read that last line..I thought; hé, what is that banana doing there, is it a banana?

    Love from Holland

    1. Hahaha, that's why I thought I needed to put a little "disclaimer" there about the banana :-D I guess it wouldn't be too out of place in a paleo-picnic, but not really the thing if you are eating strict LCHF. So cool that you have found the way to my blog from Holland!

  2. Great ideas! Been spending a lot of time at the beach and packing food for the kids but been struggling for my self. Been taking nuts, cheese, dip, ham and,twiggy sticks. Love this blog, as a fellow Aussie!!

    1. Hi Nikky 9, thanks for that :) Hopefully I'll get around to updating this blog again shortly... Roma or cherry-tomatoes are great for a picnic, when you don't eat any sugar you really notice how tasty and sweet they are!