Sunday, April 1, 2012

LCHF waffles

If I’ll be honest, sometimes it sucks having to follow an eating program where you have to make most foods from scratch. It’s all about planning if you want to succeed, and I’ll admit that I can be a bit slack in the planning-department. I have all these good intentions, but I still sometimes wake up, not having a clue what to have for breakfast or lunch. There’s no way I can buy anything in the café at uni, because it’s all heavily laden with starch and sugar. I’m not a morning-person at the best of times. But Friday I really had to force my eyes open when my alarm clock rang because I was so exhausted after a long and hard week. I didn’t feel able to put two thoughts together until I had finished my ginormous jug of coffee with cream. I opened the fridge, and found nothing exciting. I didn’t feel like cooking anything, and there was my partner just popping two pieces of bread into the toaster, and his brekkie was ready. Oh, how tempted I was to do just that! But after half an hour of procrastinating and slowly waking up, I suddenly found a solution to both my lunch and brekkie-problem: Low carb waffles! Waffles are perfect, because you can just make a big batch and have several days in a row. (If you have the time to make them, of course) I decided not to do the 30 minute drive to uni, but have a day of home-study, so even though I had such a slow start I still ended up with a productive morning. 

So, my advice to anyone, including myself, following a low carb way of living is: Planning, planning and planning! That way you’re not faced with making impossible decisions on mornings when you are walking around comatose and just wish you could sneak back into bed and pull the covers over your head. ..

The recipe that came to my rescue was by amazing blogger Cecilie from, and her amazing pink baking-book by the same name (unfortunately not available in English - yet)

4 eggs
4 dessertspoons of erythritol
1 tub of full fat sour cream
100 ml almond flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 dessertspoons psyllium husk
Cardamom and/or cinnamon after taste

Let the batter stand to swell for a few minutes before baking  in a waffle iron. The waffles get quite thin, but very tasty. 
Serve for example with blueberries on. Enjoy! 
(Makes 10-12 waffles)


  1. Hi, I'm really enjoying your blog, thanks. I've just made the crispbread. It is baking as I write.
    Just one question: Is Almond flour the same as Almond Meal? I'm not sure if I've ever seen Almond Flour.

    1. Thank you :-D
      Yes, by almond flour I actually meant almond meal. Sorry, that was just some Norwenglish ;-)

  2. Hi , how many grams is 1 tub sour cream ?

    1. I used the Dairy Farmer's sour cream, which is 250 g

  3. Yum yum - I made these this morning and the whole family loved them, even hubby. Now that's a compliment :) I had to use a little coconut flour as I didn't have quite enough almond flour, but still perfection.

    1. Had one this morning with half a tablespoon of double cream, a couple of chopped strawberries and a wedge of brie. Best brekkie ever! They reheat well in the toaster.

    2. Haha, glad hubby liked them :-D Yes, that's normally a way to tell if a recipe is successful! My partner is skeptical to low carb foods and often turns his nose up at my "weird" baking (such as the breads...), but he quite likes the waffles. Thanks for reminding me about my waffles - actually I think I'll make a batch today. I've never tried reheating them in the toaster, so thanks for that idea.