Saturday, March 24, 2012


Different versions of pasta recipes have been going around the Scandinavian blogosphere for a while now, and today I decided it was time to try it out. I was a bit sceptical before I started and found it a bit hard to believe that a ‘’pasta’’ based on eggs, cream-cheese and psyllium-husk could actually taste like the real thing. But it did! At least when it was combined with loads of yummy pasta-sauce and cheese. Previously I have been using zucchini in stead of pasta sheets. That tastes quite alright as well, but this recipe here really had that lasagne-feel that I had been missing.


3 eggs
100 g (softened) Philadelphia cheese
50 ml (15 grams) psyllium husk

Beat eggs and Philadelphia cheese. Add psyllium husk. Let stand to thicken for around ten minutes. Cover a baking tray with baking paper. Place the pasta mass onto the baking paper, and place another baking paper on top of it. Use a rolling pin to spread the mass into quite a thin layer. Then bake on 150 degrees C for 10 minutes, with the baking-paper still on top. Then remove the top baking paper and part into little squares resembling lasagne sheets. Let it cool down.


500 g minced meat
1 onion
1 garlic clove
1 jar of tomato paste
1 1∕2 jar of cottage cheese
Spices (I used salt, Trocomare, pepper and oregano)
Grated cheese

Brown the mince and add garlic, onion, tomato paste and spices. Let simmer for a few minutes. Place half the mince into an oven safe tray. Then add a layer of lasagne sheets followed by a layer of cottage cheese. Now comes a second layer of minced meat, then lasagne sheets and cottage cheese. Finish with a layer of sprinkled cheese and bake on 200 degrees C for 30 minutes. Serve with a salad.

I got the inspiration from, who again has found inspiration from I also found a similiar pasta recipe on 

Tip: Instead of lasagne sheets, you can actually use the recipe to make tagliatelle. Then you first sprinkle the cooked pasta mass with some olive oil (avoids clumping), roll the cooked pasta mass up, and cut it thinly using a knife. For a photo, see I haven’t made it yet, but it will definitely be my next project. 


  1. Looks great! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I should have commented before. This is sooooo good! I've also cut it into thin strips and served with pasta sauce. Sometimes I add just a little salt or garlic powder. You can make wraps/tortillas too. Just roll out into circles instead of one large mass, then bake as you stated. This is so versatile. Thanks for this wonderful recipe. :)

  3. Do you use whole psyllium or can you use psyllium husk powder ? How would you convert the powder amount as less would be required ? Thanks. I really have missed lasagna !!

    1. Sorry about the late reply. I use psyllium husk, and have never tried the powder. So I'm sorry but I don't know. Let me know how you go

    2. A tablespoon of husk is equal to 1 tsp of the powder!

    3. A tablespoon of husk is equal to 1 tsp of the powder!

  4. Hi, I just made this pasta today, twice. So, so good. For me it was better than wheat pasta. My daughter also loved it, we did the happy dance together :) Life saver. Thank you

  5. I'm looking forward to trying this, my kids especially miss lasagne. On another note how did you convert 50 ml into (15 grams)of psyllium husk? I have a seed bread recipe that calls for 10ml of baking powder and I can't find a conversion. Thanks

  6. I just cooked this, even I had to modify the recipe a bit. I can't use onions, so I used chives. I also used garlic flavor cream cheese. In sauce I added also other shredded meat (leftovers). I used shredded cheddar with cottage cheese and a whole lot of shredded cheddar on the top :) This is most definitely one of our new favorites, thanks for sharing. Oh, and I didn't have psyllium husk, I used psyllium flour, same weight as I would have used husk. It's a smaller amount in ml though. Worked perfectly.

  7. Hello, just double checking tomato paste and not canned the tomatoes. If paste which one do you use.

  8. other sites don't bake the pasta, why do you put it in the oven??? Can't it just be put up in strips and boiled???

  9. Anyone else notice a gritty or sandy texture when they make this? I almost feel like I might be using the wrong stuff. It's psyllium husk powder, right?

  10. I made this for lasagna and it worked so well, I have a batch in the over for fettucine alfredo tonight. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I live in England and have never heard of this husk stuff what is it and wher can I get it if you know that is thanks in advance

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