Sunday, March 11, 2012

An excellent low carb book

Yay! This is SO exciting: The excellent low carb theory book by Norwegian doctor Sofie Hexeberg is now available in English, and can be bought on

This is the book that had me convinced that low carbohydrate diets are actually good for our health.
The book is called The Scandinavian Diet. Getting healthy with low carb. If I remember correctly, the book has  recipes as well as excellent scientific explanations about the way we are meant to eat.
Dr Hexeberg has a clinic where she treats obese and diabetic patients (among others) with low carbohydrate diet - with amazing results!

(I've linked to the kindle edition, but it should be available on paper as well)


  1. Cool. Don't have a Kindle, but did just pick up a copy of the paperback edition from :)

  2. So cool that they have it there as well :) (I don't have a Kindle either by the way, I prefer to read books the good old-fashioned way). Let me know what you think when you have read it.