Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fish-bake with whiting

I used to love a typical Norwegian fish bake-dish with lots of macaroni inside and with bread crumbs on the top. Naturally, this dish is not on the menu for me any more, and I was so happy to find a recipe for a dish just as good, but healthier.  Whereas I used to find it ready-made in the freezer in my local store at home, I had to make this dish from scratch. And surprisingly, it’s not much more time-consuming than buying the ready-made dish. Changing to a low carb lifestyle meant that I had to learn how to cook from ‘’scratch’’ rather than relying on ready-made food full of preservatives and cheap ingredients. And time after time it has surprised me how easy it actually is to cook healthy, using whole foods. Coming from someone who used to be a fast-food queen and who hated spending more than 5 minutes in the kitchen, it's quite a change... Well, enough rambling on, here is the recipe:

600 g white fish (I used whiting)
2 onions
4 eggs
200 ml cream
Salt, pepper, dill, other spices to  taste
Grated cheese

Chop the onions while you boil the fish. When the fish is well-cooked, mix fish with onion in an oven-safe tray. Beat the mixture of eggs, cream and spices lightly. Pour it over the fish. Sprinkle cheese on top and put the dish in the (pre-heated ) oven. Bake on 225 degrees C for around 25 minutes.  

Let me know if you have got any suggestions on how to spice this dish up a notch: With other vegetables or perhaps some interesting herbs. I often find that plain fish can be a bit boring, but by making a fish-bake like this I ''camouflage'' the fish with lots of good stuff, so I trick myself into eating fish more often. 

This recipe is inspired by the wonderful Lena Beatrice who has the blog Unfortunately for the English-speaking world, it's in Norwegian... But google translator is improving day by day, so it's worth trying the translator function to see if it's making any sense. 


  1. Hi! Kansas City here :)
    Thanks for a great recipe but my family and I have to say that there was way to much onions :( . So I'll make again soon but with half a cup or one cup but finely chopped onions. All the best!