Friday, March 9, 2012

Pecan chocolates

Sometimes I just love coming home on a Friday after a long work week, and lock myself in the kitchen - baking. An ice-cold glass of sauvignon blanc by my side and some Bon Iver songs playing on my laptop, and I'm relaxing.

Getting ready for a night of baking, with my low carb
baking book by my side 

Today I decided to make a few different things, and I started with this pecan nut chocolate recipe. It is easy to make and quick. I used 85 % chocolate (from Black and Gold's), but 70 % chocolate can also be used. Using 70 % chocolate makes the recipe more ''child-friendly''.

100 grams of dark chocolate
1 ∕ 2 cup pecan nuts
2 tbsp liquid coconut oil
1 ∕ 2 tsp sea salt

Melt chocolate and stir in coconut oil. Chop pecans roughly and add to the chocolate. Add sea salt that you have crushed in a mortar.  Spoon into confectionary cups\ paper cups or mini muffin cups. And that's it. Let cool in the fridge. Also, coconut oil plus room temperature is a bad idea, so make sure you store the chocolates in the fridge.

The recipe comes from the beautiful low carb baking book ''Fristende lavkarbo'' (Tempting low carb)by Cecilie who has the wonderful blog with the same name,

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