Thursday, February 23, 2012


This pretty much sums up my feelings on chocolate:

For me, life wouldn't be the same without being able to enjoy some chocolate now and then. That's why
chocolate will always be part of my life, even though I am limiting my carbohydrates. 
I've tried completely sugar free chocolate sweetened with maltitol before, but it just tastes funny and makes my stomach funny if I have more than two bites. But now I have discovered the 85 % chocolate from Green and Black's Organic: 

It is softened with vanilla, so it doesn't have that bitter aftertaste. And best of all, the whole chocolate bar of 100 gram only contains 22 grams of carbs!


  1. Thank you - I am also a chocoholic but LOVE milk chocolate. Have been slowly reducing/detoxing off carbs this week but using the Lindt 75% Cocoa chocolate (1 square only). It sure takes a bit of getting used to. Do you think the Greens brand is better than Lindt in taste? I cant imagine life without chocolate either but I do have a lot of weight to lose. Thank you for your great blog.

    1. Sorry it has taken me a month (!) to reply to your comment. Really - where did the time go? Good on you for sticking to only 1 square of the Lindt! I like the 85% Greens chocolate better than 85% Lindt, because the vanilla added makes it less bitter. I don't notice much difference between 70% Lindt and 70% Greens.
      Good luck on your journey, and hope you can find inspiration on my blog :)