Sunday, February 26, 2012


To save time I often make a HUGE bowl of salad that lasts me for several lunches. I prefer home made salads, as the problem with restaurant-bought salads  is that they tend to hold back on the good stuff: Mostly the salad is just a pile of veggies with the odd chicken-piece thrown in, with a microscopic dash of fat-free high sugar dressing on top. Such a meal leaves me ravenous after a couple of hours.  My salads, on the other hand, are packed with nutrients. After eating a grown-up sized bowl of this salad, I don't need to refuel for another 5-7 hours. Here comes the recipe:

First, I add all the good stuff:
1 feta cheese
1 glass of sundried tomatoes
1 bag of pine nuts
100 - 200 grams of chicken (for example with tandoori-spices)
1 can of olives

Making sure you have added enough protein and fats, now add the veggies, for example
1 capsicum
2 tomatoes
lettuce leaves untill the bowl is almost full.

Then, importantly, you need to add some dressing to make sure the salad is filling enough.
Most of the time I just throw in some cream and stir. Or, I use a creamy ceasar dressing like the one from Paul Newman. For the salad on the photos I've used the creamy ceasar dressing, and as you can see I've been very generous with it...

Who says salads have to be boring?

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