Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yummy cheesecake with lime and jelly

Well well... Turns out my second recipe will be a cake as well. I guess I just like baking better than cooking... :-) This cheesecake with nuts and chocolate base and a jello-coating is so yummy! And, best of all, you can serve it to your low carb-sceptic friends, because no-one can tell this is actually low carb. I baked it for Christmas for my Australian family, and they all loved it! The best thing about this cake is that it doesn't need baking!

100 grams of dark chocolate
125 grams of roughly chopped hazelnuts
1 dessertspoon liquid coconut oil

Fits a 22 cm springform 

300 ml full fat cream
200 grams of full fat Philadelphia cream cheese
150 ml erythritol
Juice from one small lime

1 packet of Sugar free jelly. Prepare after recipe on packet. 

Melt the chocolate in a teflon coated pan. Add fluid coconut oil. Chop the nuts roughly and stir them into the chocolate. Use a spatula and evenly spread it out inside the spring form. 

Put the spring form into fridge until the base has set. 

Whip the cream fluffy. 
Whip cream cheese and erythritol thoroughly in another bowl. Then, mix the cream and the cheese mass carefully. Add the juice from the lime and mix it quickly into the mix. 

Spread the mass onto the cake base.  
When the jello has cooled down, carefully pour it on top of the cheese cake. 

Enjoy :-) 

PS: The cake tastes even better if you make the jello from scratch. 

If you do, here is the jello recipe:

200 grams of raspberries
500 ml water
150 ml erythritol
6 plates of gelatine

Let the gelatine plates sit in cold water for 10 minutes. Bring water to a boil, and let berries boil for around 10 minutes. Use a sieve and pour the berry mixture into a bowl. Use a spoon to squeeze all the liquid out of the berries. (You use the liquid and throw out the berry-rests). Add erythritol.

Squeeze the water out of the gelatine and stir it into the raspberry-liquid until cool. Put in the fridge and cool a bit more. 

The recipe is from the delicious baking-book by Cecilie who has the blog  www.fristendelavkarbo.no  

PS: I'm happy to get constructive feedback on how to improve my "baking lingo". When trying to translate my recipes from Norwegian to English I realized that I was lacking the vocabulary for a few of the baking-related items. (Like I had to show my partner the spatula, spring form as well as the type of spoon I used for the coconut oil and have him tell me the name hahaha) 

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